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GMA Canada Album of the Year Nominees!

The Gospel Music Association Canada has nominated our début album "Train to Glory" as Album of the Year in the Country/Bluegrass category. Amazing, unbelievable, and somewhat surreal. Thanks to God, thanks to our amazing producer and engineer, thanks to our photographer and graphic artist, thanks to our families and friends who all supported us in this project. Please go to the 2011 Covenant Awards page and see the other nominees also. There are some amazing artists there, please take the time to check them out and listen to them.

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If you would like to book A String and a Prayer for an event, please contact us by emailing Diane at, or you can call her at (519) 539 9855

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2011-09-15 - In case you didn't see the news above, we're nomiated by the Gospel Music Association of Canada for Album of the Year in the Country/Bluegrass category. Amazing, surreal, and shocking. Thanks to God for His grace and mercy, thanks to our families for their love and support, and thanks to our fans for riding this ride with us. Wow!

2011-03-29 - Keep an eye on the Dorchester Signpost, Wendy came out to our practise last night and asked a few questions and took a few pictures.

2011-03-26 - If you're in the London area, pick up a Scene Magazine. We're on page 13 top of the page under the "Indie-Pop-Beat" banner.

2011-03-10 - WOW! We have been nominated for the category of Bluegrass at the 2011 Jack Richardson Music Awards in London. We're looking into the voting details, and will let everyone know more details as we get them. The ceremony takes place at the London Music Club on April 10, the day after our CD Launch Party. What an exciting time!

2011-02-22 - MySpace anyone?

2011-02-21 - We set up an account over at Reverb Nation. Please feel free to head over there to check it out:

2011-02-10 - Tickets are now available online at TicketScene for our April 9th CD Release Party. Bring your friends, bring your family, heck, grab people off the street and bring them too.

2011-02-01 - Our new website is live, though there are still some tweaks. Please visit frequently, if only to drive up our stats and make us feel really good about ourselves!

2010-12-22 - Scene Magazine have opened the nominations for 2011 London Music Awards. If you have a moment, please click the following link and nominate us. London Music Awards Thanks in advance!

2010-12-09 - Our new CD "Train to Glory" is now available! Please click on the album cover above to listen to sample tracks, and order a copy for yourself.